Mortgage Lending

Many of our valuations are performed for Australia's major bank lenders who require accurate, current, independent advice on the value of the property against which they are lending, and insight into any factors which may influence the value in the foreseeable future. Our founder Steven Manzo was employed by a major bank for twenty years and is thoroughly aware of a mortgagee's requirements.

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Valuations for Court & Estate purposes

The end of a marriage, business partnership or even a life will often require an accurate, current valuation of real estate assets.  We can offer honest, independent valuation reports for use in the Family Law Court, NSW Land and Environment Court and the Local, Supreme and

High Court, or for Executors of Estates.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a State Government Tax payable when the ownership of a property is transferred from one party to another.  We frequently receive instructions from Conveyancers and Solicitors to perform a stamp duty valuation.  If you are transferring a property privately

(e.g. between family members, companies or superannuation), we can help by providing a property valuation acceptable to the Revenue NSW.

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Capital Gains Tax

Your accountant may request you obtain a valuation of your investment property to ascertain its value for Capital Gains Tax purposes.  We can assist with a current or retrospective valuation or development costing​​.


The GST Legislation as it relates to property transactions is complicated and is frequently being reviewed.  Our valuers have a thorough understanding of the current legislation and the Australian Taxation Office's requirements for valuations relating to the GST Margin Scheme

Superannuation and other asset valuations

 The market value of real property held in a Self Managed Superannuation Fund must be assessed annually for inclusion in the fund's financial accounts and statements.

We can provide the objective data required by the fund's auditor.

Superannuation advisers generally recommend a full valuation every three years.


Development feasibility studies

We offer sound independent analysis of local property values and knowledge of local factors affecting your proposed development to assist you to fully assess the risks and potential returns for your development project.

Macarthur Valuation's broad experience in the factors that enhance and create property values can be applied to your property development to assist you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our founder, Steven Manzo has been recognised by the Australian Property Institute as a Certified Development Practitioner. He has extensive experience in the development of property including from site selection, development strategies, feasibility studies, planning applications and construction of residential or commercial developments.

Strategic plans to maximise gains

What potential does your property have for changed use or management to maximise its income and / or value?  Macarthur Valuation's broad experience in the factors that enhance and create property values can be applied to your property or portfolio of properties to assist you to achieve your desired outcomes.